Community Resources

A couple meeting a professional looking man. The woman from the couple is shaking the professional's hand.
LDS Family Services assists Church leaders and members to identify, assess, and develop appropriate community resources to meet mental, social, and emotional needs in a manner consistent with gospel principles. 

Using Local Resources

While priesthood leaders can provide inspired counsel to help their members, certain situations may require additional help. Because LDS Family Services does not provide access to or recommendations for every community resource, it may be appropriate at times for leaders to refer members to local professional resources within their communities. 
The following are some resources that leaders may want to use:
Hospitals, physicians, or other sources of medical aid.
Job training and placement services, where available in the community.
Help for people with disabilities.
Professional counselors or social workers. Most every community has counselors or social workers who share our values.
Addiction-recovery resources, which are more broadly available than ever before.
(Basic Principles of Welfare and Self-Reliance, 2009, pg 9-10)
For help selecting a therapist in your community who supports gospel values, click here.