Instructions for Requesting Insurance Assistance

Church Activity Medical Assistance (CAMA) is secondary to benefits provided by group or individual policies, prepaid health plans, health maintenance organizations, medical service contracts, excess insurance policies, account-based plans (such as health savings accounts or similar plans), Medicare, or employee or employer trusts. This includes automobile, recreational vehicle, or homeowners insurance.

The following are general instructions and information about CAMA:

  • CAMA will pay only after your primary insurance pays.
  • If your insurance requires you to seek care from a specific source to be eligible for benefits, you must use that source to be eligible for CAMA. If you lose coverage because you don’t follow the rules or use the network providers of your health plan, CAMA will not pay for services.
  • When you receive medical care, give your doctor or hospital the information about your insurance coverage. After you are approved for CAMA, give providers your Deseret Mutual identification number (DMID) and Deseret Mutual’s address and telephone number. That way, itemized bills and explanation of benefits (EOB) statements can be sent directly to Deseret Mutual for secondary payment.
  • If your provider won’t bill secondary insurance, you may submit the bill yourself. Please send us a copy of the EOB from your personal insurance and a standard billing form from the provider (CMS 1500 for physician expenses, UB-04 for hospital expenses, or Dental Claim Form for dental expenses). For reimbursement to be sent directly to you rather than the provider, you must also submit a receipt or other proof of payment.
  • CAMA also pays secondary on prescription drug expenses. To be reimbursed, submit an itemized receipt that includes the pharmacy name and address, patient name, purchase date, prescription number and name, and cost.
  • The amount CAMA pays will not exceed the maximum allowable limits determined by Deseret Mutual.

To receive CAMA benefits, you must fill out the Church Activity Assistance Request Form, according to the following instructions:

  • You must properly complete and sign one form for each accident. If you need more space for the requested information, please attach an additional page. If you provide insufficient detail or don’t answer all questions, your payment may be delayed.
  • After the patient or guardian completes the patient section of the form, the bishop or branch president should complete and sign the “Ward/Branch Leader Information” section. If the bishop or branch president or his immediate family member is the patient, the stake president must complete the “Ward/Branch Leader Information” section.
  • Mail the form to: Deseret Mutual, Attn: Church Activity, PO Box 45530, Salt Lake City, UT 84145.

You may also fax the form to Deseret Mutual at 1-801-578-5907, Attn: Church Activity, or scan the form and email it to

After CAMA approves and processes the assistance request, we will notify the patient or guardian and the bishop or branch president by letter. When we make payments for expenses, we will send the patient or guardian a statement explaining how we have handled the assistance request.

We will make payment for services received up to three years from the date of the accident or up to the maximum benefit, whichever comes first. Assistance requests are not eligible if you didn’t receive treatment within 90 days of the accident.

You must submit assistance requests within 15 months from the date of the accident or they will not be eligible for payment.

For more information, please see the CAMA handbook, available online at If you have any questions, call Deseret Mutual at 1-807-777-3622, or email us at