The priesthood leader in charge of the Church emergency response should arrange for regularly scheduled communications among local Church leaders and other Church representatives. The schedule should ensure that as many leaders as possible know what has happened, what is planned, and what immediate actions are needed. The frequency and method of communication will vary depending on the extent of the emergency. This web page provides information on who should participate in scheduled communications, what should be discussed during scheduled communications, including a sample of a conference call agenda, and how to set up a conference call.

Who Should Participate?

The initial conference call includes leaders from all of the stakes and missions within the affected areas:

  • Area Seventies
  • Public affairs representative(s)
  • Stake and mission president(s)
  • Church VOAD representatives
  • Church department representatives (Welfare, Facilities Management, and so on)

Discussion Items

Plan and coordinate the Church response:

  • Full-time missionaries—Are they safe and accounted for?
  • Church members—How many injuries or deaths? How many member homes are damaged or destroyed?
  • Church buildings—What kind of damage has been sustained?
  • Community—What can the Church do to help in the community?
  • Anticipated needs—Is there a need for use of local Church facilities, volunteer assistance from neighboring Church units, and technical or material assistance from Church headquarters?
  • Stake involvement—How can each stake (or ward) help with the response?

Report volunteer efforts:

  • Number of volunteers
  • Number of volunteer hours (actual work hours—does not include driving time)
  • Accidents or injuries

Coordinate volunteers:

  • Number of volunteers needed beyond the capacity of affected wards and stakes
  • Number of volunteers available
  • Volunteer assignments

Other matters (for example, evacuations, communications, contact with local emergency officials, sheltering activities, donation and volunteer management, and so on.)

Sample of conference call agenda

Name of Event: Area Coordination Conference Call


Conducting: (assigned leader)

Recognition of General Authorities on Call:

Opening Prayer:

Roll Call

Request for Information:

(See “Discussion items” section for reference.)

In subsequent conference calls with invited stakes and missions, update information and report volunteer activities.

Closing Prayer:

Next Meeting

Date and Time:

Conference Call Information:

Conference Call Setup (If Needed)

  • Area Seventies can set up conference calls using the Church’s web conferencing system (WebEx).
  • The Area Welfare Administration office (801-240-0450) may also set up conference calls.
  • To set up a conference call, you will need the date, time, and length of the conference call and the number of participants.