Home Storage Center Order Form


Home Storage Centers Order Forms

You can download a home storage center order form to plan your next purchase. The prices are effective as of the date printed in the upper right corner of the form. Copies of the form are also available at all home storage centers.

The home storage order form can be filled out by hand or on your computer. As you enter desired quantities digitally, the form automatically updates your total cost. The form can then be printed, saved for future reference, or even e-mailed to a friend.

You may want to bring the form with you when you visit the home storage center. 

Adobe Reader XI is required to download these forms.

Product Information

ProductStore Price*Online Price*More Information
Apple Slices$67.50$67.50View Product Page
Beans, Black$37.50$44.30View Product Page
Beans, Pinto$34.50$44.75View Product Page
Beans, Refried$36.00$45.25View Product Page
Beans, Great Northern$36.00$49.75View Product Page
Carrots$69.00$69.00View Product Page
Information Coming Soon
Honey$78.00N/AInformation Coming Soon
Hot Cocoa Mix$48.00N/AInformation Coming Soon
Flour, White$18.00$31.00View Product Page
Fruit Drink Mix$39.00N/AInformation Coming Soon
Macaroni$16.50$22.25View Product Page
Milk, Nonfat Dry $54.00$60.00View Product Page
Oats, Quick$19.50$29.00View Product Page
Oats, Regular$19.50$30.00View Product Page
Onions, Dry$54.00$54.00View Product Page
Pancake Mix$63.00N/AInformation Coming Soon
Potatoes, Flakes$30.00$36.25View Product Page
Potatoes, Pearls$45.00N/AInformation Coming Soon
Rice, White$24.00$38.75View Product Page
Spaghetti Bites$15.00$26.50View Product Page
Sugar, Granulated$31.50$45.25View Product Page
Wheat, Hard Red$16.50$32.25View Product Page
Wheat, Hard White$18.00N/AView Product Page
*Prices by case. Prices vary between home storage centers and online orders due to shipping costs.