Puppet show videos help teach both children and adults how to live healthy lifestyles. 

Videos Available on the Puppet Show DVD

Languages on the DVD include English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Arabic.  To request a copy of the DVD, send an email to PuppetShowVideos@ldschurch.org.

  • Tobacco Use Is DangerousCigarette addiction
        1. New Friends for Mike
        2. Come One, Come All!
        3. Addiction
        4. Death by Cigarette
        5. Redecorating, Cigarette Style
  • Good Nutrition Brings BenefitsNutrition
        6. Health Heroes
        7. The Expensive Food Villain
  • Good Hygiene Avoids DiseaseGerms
        8. Careless Mary
        9. There Really Are Germs!
      10. Problems at the W.C.
      11. Dino and Croc Talk about Dental Hygiene
  • Alcohol Abuse Causes Health ProblemsAlcohol complex 2
      12. Think Before You Drink
      13. Drinking Too Much
      14. The Liver Story
      15. What Does It Cost to Drink Alcohol?