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Share Your Story

We want your story! The Mormon Channel is creating a new series and we would like to consider your story for inclusion in the series.

What is the His Grace video series?

The series is focused on providing Inspiration for people to live for God and for others as they struggle with significant challenges in their life. Each episode of this series is someone sharing their story on camera supported by still photographs and memorabilia of their life. It will be posted on the Mormon Channel and Church websites and Web pages.

What kind of stories are you looking for?

Stories of those who have found hope, peace and fulfillment in the gospel of Jesus Christ and have learned that His grace is sufficient for them. Stories that give:

  • Hope to the lonely and hurting
  • Help from destructive lifestyles
  • Inspiration to the unfulfilled

What challenges will be covered by the series?

Series episodes will be based on challenges including: overcoming pornography, addiction (both the individual and the family members who experience the consequences), family financial struggles, abuse, unemployment or underemployment, same-sex attraction, single expectant parenting, depression, losing faith, divorce, gambling, grief, trauma, tragedy, severe illness, infidelity, broken families, forgiveness and adoption or infertility.

How can I share my story?

Download and fill out the "My Story" form. Email the form along with a current photograph to All submissions will be kept in strict confidence.

What happens if my story is selected?

You need to be willing to tell your story on camera and share still photographs and memorabilia from your life. You should be prepared to:

  • Answer questions in an initial 15-minute phone interview, scheduled at your convenience
  • Tell your story in a longer audio interview, scheduled at your convenience
  • Gather up still photographs and hand-held memorabilia
  • Plan on making yourself available for a day to come to the LDS Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, Utah where your story will be captured on video.

What if I live outside Utah?

Travel and housing costs will be covered for those selected who live outside of the Utah area.